Tired of Congress representing

Wall Street’s Big Money Interests?

We are too.



The Carried Interest Loophole allows fund managers on Wall Street to pay half as much in taxes as they should, by mischaracterizing their income as "capital gains" — as opposed to “ordinary income”. This loophole, which one outlet called "The Billionaire’s Loophole", costs our country between $1.8 billion and $18 billion a year.

With your help, we can make Wall Street fund managers pay their fair share in taxes by passing the Carried Interest Fairness Act. 

In just two minutes, you can send an email, make a phone call, or record a short video message to your elected officials. Tell them to prove to you whether or not they're independent of Wall Street.





Just enter your zip code above and we'll connect you to the elected officials who are supposed to represent your interests — and not the interests of a few thousand billionaire Wall Street fund managers.  





Your elected official’s position on the Carried Interest Loophole

will tell you whether or not they are completely controlled by Wall Street.


Every politician in Washington knows the Carried Interest Loophole should be closed. What they don’t know is that you know the Carried Interest Loophole should be closed. So let’s let everyone know the Carried Interest Loophole — the poster child for big money corrupting public policy — must be closed. Tell your family and friends.  Good Citizens can fix Bad Money.


 1.  If they say they will not close the loophole: Wall Street owns them. Period. 

 2.  If they say they will close the loophole: that’s a good sign they aren’t completely corrupted by Wall Street.

 3.  If they say they want to wait to close the loophole until we have comprehensive tax reform: that’s a good sign that they are completely corrupted by Wall Street — and that they think you are too uninformed to recognize “the Washington Punt.” Don’t fall for it.


Everyone knows that Wall Street has too much influence in Washington. Whether it’s manipulating the tax code or gaming the regulatory system, when Wall Street’s big money buys public policy, decent Americans pay the price.

If you want to learn more about how Wall Street protects carried interest, visit the Patriotic Millionaires blog HERE.